Find Quality Gourmet Coffee By Looking For The Roast Date

If you prefer to get your gourmet coffee from the supermarket rather than specialty roaster, there are clues on the packaging that can help you separate quality coffee beans from the rest. The first think you should look for is the stamped roast date.

Picture: Michael Allen Smith/Flickr

Barista champion Katie Carguilo of Counter Culture Coffee tells Real Simple that if you don't find a roast date (not a best-before date) on the bag, then "the coffee isn't worth your money". To know if the beans have gotten stale or not, you need to know when they were roasted.

Another sign of good quality beans — that have also been responsibly sourced — is if the roasting company lists a farm or cooperative on the packaging. Check out the other tips for buying gourmet coffee beans at Real Simple.

How to Buy Gourmet Coffee Beans [Real Simple]


    The easiest way to find good coffee is not to look in the supermarket, because you won't find any.

    Coffee should be consumed within a couple weeks of roasting, you will never get coffee that fresh in a supermarket.

      Start with what Jon said by avoiding the supermarkets. Then find a local roasters that uses a roast date.

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