Energy Australia No Longer Powered By Door To Door Salespeople

Energy Australia No Longer Powered By Door To Door Salespeople

From the end of March, Energy Australia has committed to canning the practise of using door to door salespeople to flog its electricity and gas products, citing customer dissatisfaction as the primary reason.

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It’s not that it can’t be effective. In announcing the changes, EnergyAustralia’s Group Executive Manager of Retail, Adrian Merrick states that

While door knocking is an effective way of selling electricity and gas contracts and deliver us significant sales, households have made it clear that it’s something they don’t like or want. Door-to-door selling is our most complained about sales channel.

I’m no fan of door to door salespeople at any time, so this is particularly welcome news, especially if it does start a trend in the industry. In the meantime, it’s worth remembering that having a Do Not Knock sign does have some legal weight behind it if you’re persistently pestered.

Knock Knock…Who’s there? Not EnergyAustralia [Energy Australia]


  • Great news. I really do hope the other energy companies follow suit.

    Reminds me of a sign I saw on a property that read, “Goods, services and religious points of view WILL NOT be exchanged at the door.” I’ve been very tempted to place a similar sign on my gate.

  • As a kid I did this for a short time for extra cash, whilst being a life experience to say the least. I met some very odd people, not to mention caught in some odd situations. Seriously door to door people I’m sure have some larger than life mad stories to tell. But also saw the darker somewhat unethical side not just practiced, but at times encouraged by managers. So happy to see this dropped.

    That aside, I hate nothing more than having someone try and spruik a service to me be it commercial or evangelical…I see it no different to online direct spam or call centres.

  • We had some salespeople from Energy Australia come to our door claiming that there had been reports of people getting overcharged for electricity in our apartment building due to faulty metering. Turns out they were just flogging contracts and hoping gullible people would buy their story. Would not buy from a door to door salesperson or from Energy Australia for this reason.

  • Signed up to energy australia door to door a while ago, got a 12% discount and $100 credit on a 2 year plan, just checked online and they’re only offering a 10% discount. On a $500 per quarter bill ($2000 per year) the 2% difference plus $100 credit saving will save them$140, plus the cost of paying door to door salespeople and their agencies commissions, that’s a significant saving for them,
    Energy Australia’s motivation is obviously to get back to the old days of little door to door competition, once the other electricity companies have stopped door to door as well, they’ll be able to wait for their current energy offers to expire and then go back to charging the full government maximum price, so they’ll make $200 or so extra a year without worrying about people switching to a better deal.
    Smart thinking, energy australia. Unless they get smacked with an anti-trust case…

  • Interestingly, one of my friends applied for a job today with Energy Australia. It was originally advertised as a telesales call and described to her as this prior to the interview – but in the interview they were told it was for door knocking.

    One wonders why they are hiring door salespeople if they plan on stopping this in a month.

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