DashClock Is The Perfect Clock Widget For Your Android's Lock Screen

Android 4.2: One of Android's design engineers has put together a new clock widget that is proving to be popular with users. DashClock provides a clean and customisable interface to keep you informed on such things as the weather, calendar appointments and missed calls.

DashClock looks somewhat similar to the default Jelly Bean clock, but you can choose between a few different looks for both the clock and the date. The coolest part of DashClock is the extensions: you can set it to list your next alarm, the weather, your next calendar appointment, unread email messages, unread text messages and missed calls on your lock screen.

The displayed items sit next to the clock as small icons, but they expand with more information when you drag down on the widget. Hopefully, it won't be long before we see DashClock extensions for other Android apps as well. Hit the link to give it a try.

DashClock [Google Play via Droid Life]


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