Create A Storage Wall For Your Lego Collection Or Other Small Items

This DIY Lego storage wall is perfect for anyone who has a collection of small items that need to be organised somewhere within easy reach. All you need are some binder clips, as well as headboards and storage boxes from IKEA.

Ikeahacker member Martin Storbeck created this storage wall for his many Lego bricks after realising he could use binder clips to hang GLIS boxes to the wooden headboard. He says you can even put the covers back on the boxes if you want to.

This could be an excellent inexpensive solution for your craft room, workshop or playroom.

Use MANDAL to store your LEGO bricks for quick & easy building [Ikeahackers via Apartment Therapy]


    Most people use fischer stor-pak as it is designed for this, and can handle much heavier objects.

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