Convert Images To WebP With A URL Hack

Convert Images To WebP With A URL Hack

Google heavily promotes the WebP image format as a means of shrinking online image sizes, but not all graphics programs can easily create it. If you need a WebP image, you can easily create one online using a Google URL hack.

Google Operating System points out that any image hosted on Google — including those stored on Drive, Picasa, Google+ and Blogger — can be accessed in a WebP format with a little URL tinkering. The key is to add -rw to the name of the subdirectory immediately before the filename in the URL. Hence the image pictured at the top of this post, which was originally part of this Blogger post and stored at

can be found in WebP format at

So to convert a file, upload it to a suitable Google service, edit the URL and download the result.

Convert Images Hosted by Google to WebP [Google Operating System]

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