Business Hub Talks Up Windows Phone 8 For Professional Users

When Windows Phone 8 launched last October, the emphasis was very much on consumer-level personalisation features, and features for businesses deploying the handset seemed an afterthought. The recently-launched Windows Phone Business Hub site goes a small way towards redressing that balance.

The site talks up some of the more business-centric options in Windows Phone 8, including its security and encryption features, the ability to deploy business-specific applications to WP8 handsets, and the options for using existing Microsoft management platforms such as System Center to manage those devices. Virtually all of these options have existed since launch, but it's handy to have a central resource to assess them. The initial wave of WP8 uptake has largely been driven by individual admirers of the Lumia 920, but there's no reason for Microsoft to do an Apple and simply assume everyone will manage their phones individually.

Windows Phone Business Hub [via Windows Phone Blog]


    You know, it really wouldn't have been hard for Microsoft to have had this page in place before launching WP8. It highlights what the company still doesn't get about 2013 technology.

      Whilst I agree with you, I imagine that the timing of this announcement has to do with the pending release of SharePoint2013 - which ties in nicely with a large swathe of business use cases.

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