Build Your Own All-In-One PC Or Hackintosh With Thin Mini-ITX

Like the look of all-in-one computers such as the Apple iMac or Dell Optiplex but prefer building your own computer? The Thin Mini-ITX form factor lets you have the best of both worlds.

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You won't have quite as many options as you would with a regular desktop, but you definitely have some choice. The build process will be a little different than usual, but you'll need most of the same parts: an all-in-one case, a motherboard, processor, RAM, hard drive, heatsink, power supply, and any other extras you want. If you've built a computer before, it won't be anything you can't handle — you'll just have to pay closer attention to the instructions (and Intel has an instructional video to help you out too).

To get started, check out Intel's compatibility matrix, which will show you many of the available parts for your build and which ones are compatible with one another, as well as its component catalogue which will help you locate those parts. Some of the motherboards are even hackintosh compatible.

For more info, Tom's Hardware has a solid guide to building one of these All-In-One PCs yourself.

Thin Mini-ITX-Based Computing [Intel via Maximum PC]


    You're deliberately stripping back a PC's expansion capabilities, in order to make it smaller? OK, but if this was just a little bit thinner...
    And I could put a keyboard on top...
    And a battery...
    And a decent screen, not running off mains...

    ...I'd have a custom built laptop. With a call to my local Reprap for a custom case, to top it off.

      And if you snapped the keyboard off and added a touchscreen it'd be a tablet... what's your point?

        My Point is- laptops (ok, and tablets) have set the standard for slim & lightweight designs. This particular design isn't good enough to compete, which is why Intel suggest you "hide" it behind a honking huge desktop display. Can you seriously consider a tablet (or even a laptop) based on the current format?
        Oh, and those who truly integrate the PC into the monitor, are rewarded by not needing a separate power supply, case etc.

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