BUDGT Easily And Quickly Manages Your Expenses

iOS: You won't find a shortage of budgeting apps for the iPhone, but BUDGT takes a different approach to managing your expenses. Its simplicity makes it easy to enter in expenses, track your budget and get out of the app as quickly as possible.

When you open the app, you're immediately treated to a pie chart with your expenses. From there, it's just a couple taps to add new expenses, change your income, look at daily totals and your entire month's expenses.

BUDGT does almost everything a budgeting app should, but it keeps it as simple as possible. It doesn't have the expanded feature set of our favourite iPhone budgeting app Money, but the fact it's so simple should make it appealing to anyone with a simple budget. Logging all your expenses and tracking your budget is still a bit of a chore, and nothing here is automated, but BUDGT is lot easier to use.

BUDGT ($0.99) [iTunes App Store via The Next Web]


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