Blink Takes Multiple Photos So You Don't Miss Crucial Moments

Windows Phone 8: Always feel like you're just a few seconds late when you take a photo? Blink is a Windows Phone 8 camera app that takes multiple photos rather than waiting for you to hit the shutter, and then lets you select the one to keep.

This tactic isn't totally unfamiliar to anyone who has grabbed still images from a video, but the Blink approach automates the process for phone owners. It's not something you need for posed photos, but for kids running around madly it could be a useful addition to your mobile photography arsenal.

We're without a Windows Phone 8 device right now in Lifehacker HQ, so we haven't given this the full hands-on. If you have, tell us how it rolls in the comments. For a similar approach to screenshots, check out Automatically Take Screenshots.

[Windows Store via Inside Microsoft Research]


    Its OK. Can be accessed via lenses mode. My only gripe is that the photo quality isnt as good as using the stock camera (on the 920 - not sure about other brands/models) - when you zoom in, you can see there is some image compression going on that isnt as good as the stock camera app

    Has anyone experience this programme killing your camera dead? (which it has done to my Nokia 820)

    Looks like it has been removed from the store

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