'Being Smarter Than A Robot Is The New Having A Job'

There's an obvious grain of truth in this Twitter comment from tech and science reporter Christopher Mims: if your job can be automated and mechanised, there's little chance of it surviving. But there's also a useful bonus lesson for developers: someone will always need to program the robot.

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Automation is bad news if your job gets automated away, but good news if you understand how to control the process. From that viewpoint, learning to code seems a wiser career move than ever.


    Fear the day that computers program themselves. We should kill all machine-learning professors now (no, not really).

    No robot can fail like I can, so I'm pretty safe.

    Software is eating the world

      And so are cockroaches. They will survive nuclear Armageddon as well as these robots will.

      I would rephrase Mims and say just being in charge of the robots is the new having a job. Designing these robotic or automated processes is the new having a good time at your job.

      So, work towards being an automation engineer, then you can design and implement these new processes, rather than work as instructed by the engineer to just write the code that makes them go, or maintain & improve the robots operation...

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