Aussie Supermarkets Are Clearing Lots Of Cheap Prepaid Mobiles

Just flushed your smartphone down the toilet by accident and need something cheap and simple to fill the gap? You've got a few choices in the cheap smartphone market.

As we noted earlier, ALDI is selling off a very cheap Onix Dual SIM carrier-free phone next week for $19.99. If your needs are rather more immediate, or you need more than a feature phone can offer, Coles is selling two different Telstra-locked smartphones on special this week for $29 a pop. For that price, either the Indy or the Uno can be yours. Neither is what could be called fancy, but then again, they are both cheaper than many people pay on a monthly phone contract. Coles [Coles via OzBargain]


    For this price, it's a cheap security camera, with onboard motion detection, wifi (or even 3G) uploading to a cloud server, and better resolution than most dedicated cams!

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