Ask LH: Where Can I Find Google's Email Support Address?

Dear Lifehacker, I just tried to find a contact email address for Google support (Australia or USA). There was none provided: what arrogance! And what gives? Thanks, Unsupported

Dear Unsupported,

Google is hardly alone in not offering a simple email address for support across all its products; very few companies do. In practical terms, email doesn't scale well for support — it's hard to track who has replied to what when you're dealing with thousands (or millions) of customers and a large support team. Even companies that do offer email support often end up asking you to click on a link or make a phone call.

In Google's case, the support contact options vary depending on which product you're talking about. The requirements vary quite a lot between AdWords, Android and Maps, for instance.

However, there are two constant themes: Google advises searching its help centre for resolutions to common problems, and the options that are offered tend to be more elaborate depending on how much you've paid. Using a free Google+ account? Your options are essentially limited to complaining on forums. Paying for Google Apps? You can contact phone support or use email. A heavy user of Google Cloud Platform? You can get unlimited support, but the cost is much higher. Charging for support is hardly a new development in IT, and Google has certainly embraced it.

Don't like those choices? The simple response does tend to end up being "don't use the products". If you're running a business using Google infrastructure but the level of support doesn't work for you, paying more (if you can) or switching (if you can't) is likely to be the best choice.

Cheers Lifehacker

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    Wow, that was helpful. A quick Google search yielded two possible results: [email protected] or [email protected] Worth a shot.

      Note though that the question was for the vaguer "Google support", not Gmail specifically.

        Well to be fair, your heading was incorrectly worded. Should have been 'Where can I find Google's support email address.' The one you used indicates the asker had a support query about Google email (Gmail).

          Not sure I agree. If I'd used your suggested version, that would imply more strongly Google has a single email support address, which isn't true either.

          No "Google's Email support address" means Google's email support address, same as "Google's phone support number" means their phone number. Notice the apostrophe? If it was meant to be Gmail support it would mention Gmail or "Google Email support address" if people wanted to avoid the term Gmail for some reason.

            Aren't both of those poor grammar, though? "phone number" or "email address" being a noun, and "support" being an adjective?

            My understanding of the heading is that "address" (as a noun) is a street address, and "email support" as an adjective is the Google department you're snail-mailing

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    Unfortunately most support for Google's (free) end users tends to be user-to-user via forums and support groups.
    Actual bugs/issues can sometimes be elevated to actual Google staff (rather than arm-chair experts) if someone with a high enough rank believes it to be a real issue... but expect them to suggest you format every computer you own before they'll actually raise a potential bug to someone who can really help.
    I suppose it works if you've got a "how do I do x" question; but if a service is behaving badly or you're experiencing a unique bug... you're probably out of luck.

    Recently had a similar experience with Skype's complete lack of support. Paypal are even worse - you jump through various hoops, forced wading through "FAQs" (half of which I'm sure no-one ever actually asks), finally get to a generic contact form and the only response you get is another automated link to a [email protected]*@#ng FAQ! [email protected]#([email protected]#$!11111!!!!1! HULK SMASH!

    Google and Microsoft just keep setting up new user forums for each of their products and retiring the old ones. However Google is the less competent in redirecting users to the new forums and still keeps links to long expired forums as Help topics.

    I had cause to ask Apple what online options they have for deaf people who can't use telephone support. It hadn't occurred to them that such people might exist.

    Out of absolute sheer frustration at my Gmail Contacts vanishing and being unable to find any decent support I made up a ridiculous email address and, unbelievably, a human responded. She was from a different part of the business but was an amazing help, putting me in touch with someone who could directly assist me. I promised to never reveal the alias she had quietly set up for herself and I doubt this would work often, but it's something that helped seal my love for all things Google.

      Your email was received in their "catch-all" mailbox. Most companies (should) have this kind of setup, whereby they'll still receive emails even if it was misdirected due to spelling errors within the address itself.

        I doubt that Google, due to their size, would have a catch-all, it would be an absolute nightmare to manage for little business benefit.

        May I ask the Unsupported what his specific issue is that he requires tech support? Generally I find their products to be self-supporting (eg: Forums or Help files) or a a situation where even if there is support, they wouldn't be able to do anything about it or refuse to fix it for he foreseeable future.

    Don’t worry you can Contact To Gmail Support Australia Expert team

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