Ask LH: What Are The Best Apps For A Student?

Dear Lifehacker, After spending the last several years in the workforce, next year I'm heading off to university for the first time to study graphic design. I've already more or less decided to switch from Office to Google Docs for documents, but I'm also looking for the best Android, iPad and Mac apps to help keep me on top of things. Hoping the Lifehacker community can help me out :) Mature Student

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Dear MS,

A good place to start is our iPad, Mac and Android app directories, which have links to our favourite applications across a variety of categories.

Below are some additional app lists we recently compiled that might be of interest:


Best Android Apps: Productivity

Best Android Apps: Creativity

Best Android Apps: Readers And Reference

Best Android Apps: Internet & Commnication

Best Android Apps: Utilities


Best iPad apps: Productivity

Best iPad apps: Internet & Communication

Best iPad apps: Utilities

Best PDF Viewer/Editor

Best Office App


Best Mac apps: Productivity

Best Mac apps: Internet & Communication

Best Mac apps: Utilities

Best PDF Viewer/Editor

Best Mac Word Processing Apps

Cheers Lifehacker

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    I’ve already more or less decided to switch from Office to Google Docs for documents

    What are you going to do when you don't have internet? I didn't believe google docs had an offline component (yet).

      Sure does. You need to install the Google Drive application on your Mac/PC but offline works fine after that. Not sure about tablet version though - Drive on my android phone doesn't let me edit docs, only read.

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