Ask LH: How Do I Cook Oven Fish And Chips At Different Temperatures?

Dear Lifehacker, Sometimes we cook a haute cuisine meal of oven baked chips and fish - you know, the Birds Eye frozen foods? The problem is that the chips need to be cooked for 15 minutes at 230 degrees, and the fish for 25 minutes at 180. How do we deal with this? Thanks, Fish Finger

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Dear FF,

The solution will largely depend on your type of oven, but in most cases you'll be better off sticking to the fish temperature and keeping the chips in longer (180 degrees is more than enough heat to cook the chips through eventually). Also ensure you place the chips tray closer to the heating element in your oven to ensure it is exposed to the highest possible temperature.

Alternatively, you can try pulling the fish out first and then cranking up the oven to crisp the chips up (this should only take five minutes or so, by which time the fish will still be warm enough to eat.)

Naturally, experimentation is key here: the worst you'll get are some slightly soggy/overcooked chips, which is better than a half-raw fish.

Cheers Lifehacker

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    That's why I don't cook fish and chips at home. Too complicated! haha

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    It's all about the maths.
    15 minutes x 230 degrees = 3450 degmins
    25 minutes x 180 degrees = 4500 degmins.
    average is 3975 degmins.

    So, if it's 40 degrees outside, you'll need (3975/40=) 99 minutes.
    Just leave 'em outside for 2 hours to be safe and walla !

    You're welcome.

    I just stick them both in at 200 degrees for about 20 minutes. Electric fan-forced oven. Seems to work fine....

    I stick the fish in for say 20 mins @ 180 to begin with, take them out, then the chips in for 10 mins @230, then put the chips and the fish back in for the last 5 mins @ 230.

    This works well for pies as well. The advantage is it prevents the fish/pie from becoming "too hot". When you've pulled it out after that last 5 mins the outside is nice and hot and crispy, but the inside has a a little time to cool down allowing you to eat it without burning your mouth.

    Find two products with compatible heat and times :) hehe..

    Get two ovens.

      Agreed. You can get one of those cheap toaster ovens for not too many dollars and use that to cook one thing while your regular oven goes to work on the other. Toaster ovens make great backups and because they have a smaller capacity, take no time to pre-heat. I've even cooked home made pizza in one to great effect.

        I think he my have meant a double wall oven...

    i nuke the fish for a minute and put them both in at the same time

    Oven chips never come out nice and crispy - bake the fish and fry the chips.

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      On an unrelated note, if you wish to wipe your arse, I suggest you use your tongue :-p

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    DUH!!! I dont know how to reheat pre-cooked food. To the InterTwebs!!!!

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