Ask LH: Good Valentine Gift Ideas Needed

Dear Lifehacker, Valentine's Day is coming up and to be honest I have no idea what to get my partner. I've looked online and most of the ideas revolve around home decor (apparently 'mandles' aka man candles are a trend) and personal grooming. However, my partner is well kept and giving him a candle just seems like a way to give him something I would like. My partner loves tech (Optimus 4X HD for Christmas, Asus Transformer Prime for his birthday) and a well thought out, useful (and practical) gift. Any ideas? Tech Bella

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Dear TB,

What sort of budget are you looking at? If you're planning on an affordable gift, an accessory for the Asus Transformer Prime is a no-brainer. There's a huge range of options out there, including car chargers, carry cases, GPS dongles, screen protectors and FM radio transmitters. Okay, so none of these things are remotely romantic — but you did say your partner preferred useful and practical gifts, right?

Some other practical, guy-friendly gifts we've spotted include the L.L. Bean auto aid in-a-bottle (everything you need for on-road emergencies in a glove box-friendly receptacle), the Leatherman Freestyle Multi-tool (five utility tools in one), DeWalt Heavy-Duty Bucket Organiser and keychain alcohol breath-tester.

Alternatively, if you want to think outside the box, you could go for something endearingly odd like this mushroom growing kit.

Cheers Lifehacker

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    How about this.. If you've been with someone for ten years or more, politely ask them if they would be willing to disregard this marketing ploy to make you feel guilty if you don't at least give a card. My wife and I just recently celebrated our 25th and are very happy, even though we mutually agreed years ago that Valentines day is indeed just a marketing ploy! She doesn't feel guilty about not getting me a card and I randomly from year to year decide whether I get her a bunch of flowers or not... :)

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      Completely agree. Me and my boyfriend have refused to celebrate Valentines since we started dating, it was actually my idea because I hate feeling forced to buy people cheesy, meaningless gifts. We might buy each other some chocolates, but then we do that pretty much constantly throughout the year anyway. I'd rather ignore Valentines and go all out for our anniversary, as that is much more personal and meaningful to me.

    About sums up my thoughts on the you must buy more stuff approach we seem to have foisted on us at every turn.
    Don't start me on when they put out easter chocolate this year!

    A single rose and a good shagging , thats love.

      Keeping in mind that the single rose would set you back the same amount as a Nexus 4

        You may need to find a different florist...! :)

    Each to their own... My husband and I enjoy Valentine's Day and see it as an opportunity to embarrass each other in our respective workplaces with ridiculous, over-the-top gifts. Two years ago I ordered a massive bunch of helium balloons that took up half his office, which he then had to bring home via public transport. Last year, as revenge, he sent me an Express Post satchel full of glitter and sparkly heart confetti. The mess was horrific.

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