App Directory: The Best Weather App For iOS

App Directory: The Best Weather App For iOS

iOS has an incredible number of options when it comes to weather apps. For Australian users Pocket Weather remains the one to beat.

Pocket Weather

Platform: iOS
Price: $1.99
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  • Hourly temperature updates for NSW, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia
  • Automatic forecast updates based on your current location
  • Push warnings for BOM weather alerts
  • Tide data included and accessible offline
  • Full set of Australian rain radars
  • Satellite maps and synoptic charts
  • Forecast data included on app badge

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There are lots of weather apps on the iPhone that suit different needs. The other popular free apps — AccuWeather, The Weather Channel and Weather Underground — are good alternatives if you don’t want to pay for a locally-oriented version.

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  • +1 for Pocket Weather. Its UI is an acquired taste, but it works really well, and uses the only worthwhile data source. Avoid any weather app coming out of the US. There are some beautiful ones, but they really don’t give a stuff about anything beyond their borders. One of the most well-known ones still loudly trumpets its “accuracy”, despite the developers being well aware that it’s observations and forecasts are always way off for Australian locations.

    (Anyone who thinks $1.99 is too much for Pocket Weather is an idiot, by the way)

  • As I am in Western Australia that app will not work for me. I use WeatherZone+ It does all of the things the other app does (Minus the badging, tide data and pushing) and it works in Western Australia. Also: The forecast is updated every 10 minutes!

  • I loved the old Pocket Weather. When they brought out the new Pocket Weather, I paid the $1.99 again because I’m more than happy to support these guys. Having said that, I still use the old version on my phone because it’s less complicated, but I’m sure if I stopped being so lazy I could sit down for 10 minutes and wrap my head around the new interface.

    I believe (but dont quote me) that the old Pocket Weather is free on the app store now? It’s listed as “PW Classic”

    I should also point out I bought Pocket Weather originally a few months after the iPhone 3G was first released in Australia – that’s why I’m not upset about them asking for another $2 to keep going. It’s had a very good run on my phone.

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