Anonymous Targets ABC Online Accounts

Citing dissatisfaction with Lateline, it appears that Anonymous has breached security at the ABC web site, revealing quite a bit of sensitive user information. Time once more to change your passwords!

Luke over at Gizmodo has the full details of why Anonymous allegedly hacked the ABC, but in the meantime, even if it's only precautionary, if you've got an ABC Online password, it would be sensible to change it as rapidly as possible. Even if you don't, it serves as a solid reminder that you should regularly audit your passwords anyway. Anonymous Just Hacked The ABC Over A Lateline Interview [Gizmodo]


    Thank you last pass and site specific passwords!

    ditto on that - loving 1Password.

    Different impossible to remember auto generated password for every single service.

    With one long, but easy to rememebr xkcd password to rule them all!

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