Adobe Surrenders, Vows To Cut Australian Prices Following Government Pressure

After the Australian government issued legal notices to Adobe, Apple and Microsoft yesterday to quiz them over gouging Australians, one of the major vendors in question has chosen to surrender. According to a statement, Adobe will drop some prices in Australia after years of gouging.

Adobe today issued a statement saying that it would reduce the annual subscription cost of Adobe Creative Cloud to $49.99 per month, effectively matching the US price. Previously, it had charged $62.99 a month for the service, with different prices for students and team packages.

That's great news, but it's not a complete victory. A report in the AFR says that Adobe will still charge exponentially higher prices to Australians for full software versions of Photoshop, Creative Suite and Premiere sold through physical retailers. If you don't fancy those prices, check out Lifehacker's guide to building your own Creative Suite alternative.


    I did a live chat with an Adobe sales person last week asking that exact question, why is adobe creative cloud $13 more. And I was informed that its due to the difference in marketing costs for Adobe Asia. Total BS.

      It does cost a lot more to advertise in Australia than the US. Adobe does have Australian offices, where their staff are paid twice what their US staff are.

        Why do they advertise? it's not like they have a competitor.
        i can't even remember the last time i saw an adobe ad.

        so i call BS

          I see Adobe advertisements every month in tech magazines.

    Hi Luke,

    Any news on Autodesk/local resellers of its products being scrutinised by the same probes?

    And then they complain about and file suits against so many people who get illegal copies of their products.


    Not really a surrender, just a bit of face saving.

    The US government should never have let them buy Macromedia, but since the US gov itself has been subject to a hostile takeover by corporate America it's hardly surprising that competition law has been gutted and we all get screwed as a result.

    Hows this for blatant rip off:
    US site: Windows 8 Media Center Pack $9.99
    AU site: Windows 8 Media Center Pack $9.99

    US site: Windows 8 Pro Pack $99.99
    AU site: Windows 8 Pro Pack $249.99

    US site:
    AU site:

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