A Third Of Gen Y Australians Use Their Phones On The Toilet

The next time a 20-something colleague offers you the use of their phone, you might want to handle with extreme care. A new survey from networking giant Cisco has confirmed Generation Y has a (literally) unhealthy addiction to their smartphones — in addition to texting while driving, many freely admit to using their phones in the bathroom.

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The Cisco Connected World Report surveyed 1441 college students and 1,412 professionals under 30 in an attempt to understand how mobile technology has impacted the lifestyle and working habits of Generation Y.

"Addiction is a strong word, but the way many under-30s interact with their smartphones can only be classed as addictive or compulsive behaviour," Cisco's A/NZ CTO Kevin Bloch explained.

"Out of the people surveyed, ninety per cent admitted to checking their smartphones first thing in the morning, 20 per cent are checking their phone every ten minutes and one-in-six are texting while driving, despite being dangerous and illegal."

A third of Gen Y-ers in the survey were so dependent on their smartphone that they even refused to part with it on the toilet.

"The main draw card of the smartphone is that you can use it in your idle time — whether you're on the train, in a queue or even visiting the bathroom. It has become an incredibly valuable technology for filling up your spare time," Bloch said.

"As our survey puts it, the smartphone has become the 207th bone in the human body; it has become that integral to your persona."

The survey also found 46 per cent of Gen Y-ers used their smartphones to text, email, and check social media during meals with family and friends.

"Human interaction is pretty important — if you're trying to have a conversation with someone who is continually reaching out for the phone, they're essentially breaking up that line of communication," Bloch said.

But are these findings unique to the under-30s set? Or are we all essentially as addicted, anti-social and filthy as each other?

"To be honest, I don't think any of these trends are that different as you get older," Bloch said. "I'm a compulsive reader when it comes to my phone — so wherever I am, I'm reading!" (For the record, we're pretty sure he was joking.)

Do you use your phone at the dinner table? How about on the toilet or while driving? Share your addiction levels anonymously in the comments section below.


    Nothing wrong with bringing a smartphone into the loo. YouTubing while pooping is bliss...

    Only a third?

      Yeah, the other 2/3 are ashamed that they do.

        I honestly would've thought that 2/3 are the "yolo" and "swag" kids so they would be doing that for sure.

        or you know... their diet isn't atrocious so they don't have to waste 10 mins a day taking a shit.

    What about IN the toilet?

    Wouldn't there be a hygiene issue involved?

    Perhaps there should be away of disinfecting the phone on the way out.

      No more than usual. Airbourne faecal contamination is quite prevalent throughout your house/office. Unless you were wiping your arse with it.

      No more than anything else. They did a study in the US, and 1 in 6 notes had fecal matter on it. People have been reading magazines, newspapers, etc. in the toilet for decades. That's no different than using a phone. You don't poo on the phone, and you don't poo on your hands. So the only issue is airborne fecal matter, which is everywhere. If it gets on your phone, it gets on your clothes.

    I don't doubt that airbourne faecal contamination is quite prevalent but my concern is more about fingers through the toilet paper (also quite prevalent).

      People usually pocket the phone prior to wiping.

    Reading this on the dunny right now ;)

    Not even joking; I'm reading this article on the toilet right now.

    How is it any different then reading a book or magazine on the toilet?

    Don't wipe your arse with you bare hands and you'll be fine. Also, it's a good deterrent for people wanting to use your phone...

    I basically assume touching someone's phone is the same as sticking my finger up their butt. Not something I do with many people.

    I really don't see what's so wrong and gross about taking a phone or a book to the loo with you. I'm a compulsive reader myself. I tend to get "toilet Ill" a fair bit as I am lactose intolerant but can't go a day without milk in my coffee, so my toilet trips tend to last anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes, and really, who wouldn't get bored just sitting there staring off into space waiting for something to 'happen'? So I generally take a book or my phone with me to pass the time, in fact, I'm doing it right now :P not joking.

    Yeah sure it might be gross but come on, poo particles on/in your phone? How's that any different to sitting next to someone while they fart? That generates flying poo specs! Seriously now, if we lived in fear of germs and stuff we'd all be either dead or highly closeted. So my phone might have poo specs on it? I don't care, they're mine ;p

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