91 Launcher Is A Highly Customisable App Launcher For Android

Android: If you're looking to emulate some of the beautiful home screens we feature, you'll need a launcher that lets you personalise it to work the way you want. 91 Launcher is a new home screen replacement with plenty of widgets, add-ons and animations that lets you do just that.

91 Launcher looks great (a bit like the MIUI ROM, which we've mentioned before) and comes with a number of themes and widgets you can use to lay out your home screens exactly the way you like. It support Android 2.2 and higher, and brings a little of Ice Cream Sandwich's design flair to phones that don't have it. The launcher adds features available in later versions of Android to older phones as well, including resizable widgets and the ability to create app "folders" by dragging icons on top of one another. You also get power management, weather, system settings and other status widgets for your home screen or your notifications bar.

91 Launcher seems to take a page out of Go Launcher's book in that it comes in a core package, while if you want more widgets, icon packs, and other add-ons, you can download them separately. This keeps the entire package trim, since you only have the components you want loaded on your phone. The app — and all of its add-on packs — are free and available now at Google Play.

91 Launcher (Free) [Google Play via Addictive Tips]


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