XBMC 12 'Frodo' Adds Android Support

The latest version of XBMC, codenamed 'Frodo', is finally available for all platforms, including Android , and it has a bunch of great new features. Here's what's new.

Straight from the official announcement, here's what you'll find in the new version:

  • HD audio support, including DTS-MA and Dolby True-HD, via the new XBMC AudioEngine (OSX/iOS not yet available)
  • Live TV and PVR support
  • h.264 10bit (aka Hi10P) video software decoding for anime
  • 64bit support in OSX to match the 64bit support in Linux
  • Improved image support, allowing the XBMC database to accomodate numerous additional image types and more interesting and complex skins
  • Support for the Raspberry PI
  • Initial support for the Android platform
  • Improved Airplay support across all platforms, including Airplay audio in XBMC for Windows to match the other platforms
  • Improved controller support in Windows and Linux
  • Advanced Filtering in the library
  • Video library tags to complement movie sets
  • Advanced UPnP sharing
  • Default video languages now match the language being used by XBMC
  • Translations now powered by Transifex

Check out the link below to read more, or head straight to XBMC's download page to try out the new version.

XBMC 12.0 - Frodo [XBMC Blog]


    I'm keen to try out the PVR functionality. I wonder if it will let you playback recorded TV on another XBMC device, more specifically a Raspberry Pi device???

      It ought to. Just point the RaspPi at the Recorded TV folder on the Recording PC.
      I doubt there's any DRM in the recorded files

      Last edited 30/01/13 9:10 am

      XMBC itself doesn't do any PVR heavy-lifting (why re-invent the wheel?). That's all taken care of by your choice of whatever backend you like most - probably MythTV on linux, and NextPVR on windows, but there are many other choices (unfortunately Windows Media Centre isn't one). So I imagine something like extending recorded tv to other devices is something the backend would need to support, but I'm pretty sure that's a stock standard feature of PVR backends these days.

    I also recommend anyone looking at a new XBMC install to consider Openelec, it had PVR all in one support, so no extra setups, just plug, rec. and play.

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