Wollongong CBD Adds Free Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi continues to spread in a very welcome way, with Wollongong City Council announcing it's offering free Wi-Fi in the city CBD.

Image: wollongong2u

The media release is relatively sparse when it comes to detail, noting simply that

"From today, Wollongong City Wi-Fi is available in outdoor areas on Crown Street between Keira and Corrimal Streets, as well as in Globe Lane, and the Arts Precinct (formerly Civic Plaza) on Burelli Street. The free Wi-Fi service will also be extended west along Crown Street to Gladstone Avenue in coming weeks."

Those in the Wollongong area should look out for "Wollongong City Wi-Fi"; there's no mention of quota limits or password protection, but like most free Wi-Fi services, it would be sensible to expect a slower connection rather than a quick one, given that free services often get quickly overloaded.

Connect with City Centre Wi-Fi [Wollongong City Council]


    Why the bananas would they waste public money on something that:
    -is going to be slower than people expect, causing complaints
    -people have in their houses, at workplaces and in their phones (3G) already
    -will be riddled with spam cookies and viruses before a week is out.

    Incidentally, spam cookies are likely what was served at the meeting where they decided this nonsense.

    As a side note, I have done a speed test on the Vodafone network in that area (the bottom floor of the shopping centre, at the Rebel/Myer entrance, for those who know Wollongong Central). I managed to get something like 6Mb/s, which isn't bad as I was connected to a network with horrible reception in an area that could be best described as a basement.

    Excellent, now everyone can sniff all the traffic in clear text!

    Fuck that, I'll stick to 3G/4G in public places, thanks.

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