WinAeroGlass Brings Aero Glass Back To Windows 8

Windows: If you miss the transparent Aero Glass interface of ye olde Windows 7, free tool WinAeroGlass can bring it back in two clicks.

WinAeroGlass is currently in alpha stage and has no user interface — you just double-click on its icon and it will make all your windows' title bars transparent. It also doesn't blur any of the transparency like Windows 7 used to do, but the developer is working on this right now, so hopefully we will see this feature available in a new version soon. To turn off the glass, just log out and log back in — simple as that.

WinAeroGlass (free) [via]


    Ok this may get me to "upgrade" to Windows 8

    With "start-menu" replacements, and "Gadgets" re-enabled, Aero Glass was the only thing i was missing in Desktop-mode for Windows 8.

    Even if this fix never gets past this current, 'absolute transparency', state, it's enough for me. Here's hoping the "blurry" refinement happens.

    Potentially this looks good, just needs to be able to have a colour mixer so that you can choose the colour & transparency. At the moment it's just too hard to see when you have programs on top of other programs with dark content.

    Last edited 19/01/13 1:27 pm

    So many hack needed to make it a viable OS for people without tablets. It's pretty scary really. Start button, power off/sleep options, Aero, hiding the metro part.... it's a huge list of third party stuff and the main reason I reverted back to 7 last week. Horrible UI.

    Why is Aero so important? I kinda like the basic square UI on 8. The only thing I've added is Start 8.

    I gotta say, i'm thoroughly enjoying windows 8, to the point where i got rid of my mac for it. I really don't understand why everyone's complaining, the metro ui is fantastic to use.

      Troll harder

        Remarkable that the second someone disagreed with you, you write it off as a troll. In fact I am enjoying win8 and got rid of my mac due to it boring me. And I really don't see why people are moaning about win8.

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