Will You Buy Office 365 On Subscription?

The newly-announced pricing for Office 2013 makes buying an annual subscription (aka Office 365 Home Premium) by far the most appealing option for most customers. But does that mean people are going to buy it?

$119 a year for a full set of Office applications that run on your local machine (and can be used on five of them simultaneously) is easily the cheapest consumer deal Microsoft has ever offered for Office. Nonetheless, it's a competitive space, and we're wondering:

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    My guess is Office 365 will become a lot more attractive when they release versions of Office for iOS and Android. Assuming the iOS and Android versions are included in the five devices + mobile devices Office 365 subscription package this deal could be really good (especially since they'll all have shared, automatically connected cloud storage via SkyDrive).

    I currently have a TechNet subscription, so at the moment a subscription isn’t good value, given I already have access to more PC licences than I need. However, the cost/benefit will change when I pick up a Windows Phone and Tablet. After that point, the TechNet subscription will be a little worse value, although still worth it for the windows server licences alone!

    I have only 1 PC which I need the latest Office on. For 1 install, Office 365 is too expensive - for 2 it is ok. If i use the Home and Student version, I am ahead after 14 months. I don't need the extra programs, although Publisher may be nice. If they offered subscription for just one PC at say $80 then it would be worth it for me.
    I also hear that the Android/iOS versions will be very, very basic at first. So 3rd party solutions for those will still be better - for now.
    I just bought the Home version at Officeworks for $136 delivered. That'll do me for 2 years.

    Seeing as I only need the one licence, I'll get the Home and Student deal. Though I'm starting TAFE this year, and I'm curious if I can get a cheap Uni deal or Student deal or something. I would be a full time student. Can anyone help me out on that?

      You can get a 4 year subscription covering 2 PCs for $99 if the institute you attend is eligible. See http://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msaus/en_AU/pdp/productID.260298000

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        According to the Microsoft site, that $99 student subscription is only for one computer.

          Just checked with Microsoft. It is for 2 computers, despite what they say on the checkout.

    I'm still happy using Office 2007. I'm a very light user though.

    I haven't touched Microsoft Office for years. Google Docs is sufficient for me.

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