What Was Your First Computer?

We all remember our first computer; for some of us, it turned out to be a very important turning point. What was your first machine?

Chances are you don't know too many people who don't own a computer these days.But no matter how ubiquitous the tech becomes, we're sure you remember where it all began for you. Whether you started with punchcards, bashed out your first programs in BASIC, had a PC with no USB ports or cut your teeth on a shiny new ultrabook, we want to know — what was your first computer? Share your memories in the comments below.


    Ah, the joys of early computing. Mine was an Apple ][ with a whole 48K of RAM, a mono screen and a cassette drive purchased in 1980. The tape drive drove me nuts after a few weeks so I went back and got a 5.25" floppy drive that stored a seemingly huge 143K of files.

    From memory it cost about $2700 in 1980 dollars. I guess I must have had spare $$ in those days!

    1981 I built the ETI-660 with hex keypad, it was a project in the old Electronics Today Int magazine:
    I still have it under the house somewhere...

    Osborne 25 Hz 386 with 40 Mb HDD & 5.25" FDD. Ran Desqview 386 in 4Mb RAM and multitasked much more stably than anything Win before NT.

    Unless we're counting the HP41-CX ...

    Commodore 64 with Tape Drive -> 386 SX-16 -> Pentium 66 -> beast mode

    Macintosh LC 630. Cost close to three thousand in 92/93 and came with a whopping 8 Mb of RAM and a 350 Mb HD. Bought it essentially to play MYST. I certainly look back fondly at those days as it very much seemed like magic to someone that had only used computers briefly prior to that.

    486DX 66Mhz (with Turbo button slowing down to 33Mhz), 4Mb Ram, Sound Blaster Audio Card, 4Mb Graphics Card, Windows 3.11
    If I used 'Preview DOS' and stopped windows loading, I had enough RAM To Load Duke Nukem 3D, But not enough RAM to Load the Sound Drivers so I had to play it with the pc speaker sounds. "Shake It Baby"

    TI 99/4a in the early 80s. I loved it so much, we would program games in basic and save them to cassette tape to play them later. And of course there were cartridges too. The games were great! Parsec, hunt the wumpus, tunnels of doom, munchman, tumbleweed city. So many awesome ones!

    Exidy Sorcerer

      And we still have it in storage as well, next to the Apple //e.

    TI 59 Programmable calculator - Could save your program to a little magnetic card. Happy memories. Vic 20 after that then C64 and Amiga.

    A Cyrix 5x86 with 12 MB of RAM, back in 1996. those days already 16 MB was a standard so I learned how to optimize windows to tweak up the most out of those 12 megs :D

    Luxury! I had to walk 5 miles in up hill both ways to use an Abacus

    Tandy Trash 80, (none of yer highfalutin' colour stuff) and it's still in the garage.

    Redstone clone of an Apple II+ in the early 1980s. It had two 320kb floppy drives and seemed very powerful with 128kb on RAM. It came with a brilliant photocopied Apple manual that took me from how to switch it on to writing a small shoot-the-helicopter game. I wrote many of my university essays on it using Applewriter.

    A Vic-20 on which I learnt basic :)

    First household computer, C64.
    First computer of my own, ST with 4 meg of Ram (and I had the version without the dimm slots. The ram upgrade had to be soldered in!)

    Apple Macintosh Plus: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macintosh_Plus

      I remember learning QuarkXpress on these things.
      Damn u QuarkXpress.. lol

    Pretty easy for me but my sons (10 and 13) had their work cut out. It was not very effective at locking out a determined kid as trial and error eventually revealed the right answers.

    It didn't have a name that I can remember, probably something my Dad picked up at the time for work.

    I do recall that it had 8Mhz and 800KB of RAM. It ran DOS PowerMenu and had WordPerfect installed, plus games like Pango, Willy The Worm, and CrossWords. Epic stuff.

    First PC was the good old C64. Wasted countless hours playing Mad Doctor on that thing.
    Followed shortly after with an Amiga 500 complete with it's extra 1mb switch (still have that old machine too). Many more an hour wasted playing Moonstone.

    Compaq Presario 524CDS
    486DX2 80 Mhz
    8MB RAM
    9.6k modem
    4x cd rom
    427 MB hard drive (which i found in my room a few weeks ago)
    nobody i kneow could fix computers, i had installed windows 95, but it took soo much room, i used "deltree windows" and the computer kinda didn't work anymore, i had to figure out mscdex to get the cd rom working agian, and autoexec.bat and config.sys fiels

    For me, a Compaq Presario CQ42-137TU Notebook PC, I got in 2010. It broke more times than I have fingers to count. But it served me well enough for 2 years.

    I think the specs were something like:
    Celeron 1.6Ghz
    4GB RAM
    500GB HDD
    14" 1366x768 screen

    486DX66. Purchased so my folks could learn CAD... they never did, but I've made a career out of it.

    Perhaps its because they didn't have a chance to get their hands on it and practice ;).

    It was the ZX Spectrum + and though I miss the days the ... R:Tape Loading Error

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