Waterproof Any Canvas Bag With Wax

Waterproof Any Canvas Bag With Wax

If you carry a lot of gadgets with you, the last thing you want is for them to get soaked in a surprise storm. While you can buy waterproof bags, DIY Photography shows off how you can make any canvas bag water resistant with a little wax.

The process itself requires two pots, a mixture of paraffin and bee’s wax, and a brush. Boil some water in one pot, then place the other pot containing the wax inside it, and wait for the wax to melt. Then coat the bag with the wax using the brush. Then let it dry, toss it into an old pillowcase, and then put it in the dryer for 15-30 minutes. You’ll have a water-resistant bag for a fraction of the price of buying one new.

Head over to DIY Photography for the full guide, as well a few tips for converting that bag into a dedicated camera bag.

Spoil Your Camera With A DIY Waxed Camera Bag [DIY Photography]

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