Vodafone Dumping Free Social Networking Access On Prepaid Plans

Free access to social networking sites on mbile phone plans is becoming an increasingly rare thing in Australia. Following Optus' decision last December to stop offering free social networking access to new contract customers, Vodafone has taken a similar step with its prepaid plans.

A notice published on Vodafone's site confirms that access to the official sites for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, FourSquare, You Tube and MySpace will no longer be included as part of any prepaid recharge after February 13. Unlike Optus, Vodafone doesn't offer free social media on its contract plans, so there's no change there. (Optus is continuing to offer the free social networking option as part of its prepaid plans, as do several of its resellers.)

Vodafone is also standardising its data charging for prepaid customers into 1MB increments. This already applied to most of its prepaid options, but is being rolled into some older plans. If you want a Vodafone network plan with smaller increments, Crazy John's uses 10KB as the measure on some prepaid plans.

Vodafone [via Reddit]


    Yeah, but the best CJ's plan (the $15 Flatchat prepaid with 90 days' expiry) has now been reduced to 30 days' expiry. Bleh.

    Oh I remember vodafone! It's that terrible company I ditched last year. Keep up the good work.

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