Use The Pits From Stone Fruit Pits To Make Infused Syrups And Vinegars

Don't just throw away the pit the next time you munch into a stone fruit. The crew at Bon Appetit explain that you can maintain that flavour by saving the pits and use them in syrups or infused vinegars.

Photo by whitney.

Among the easiest ideas at Bon Appetit are pit vinegar, which just requires a few pits and some champagne vinegar, though you will need six months of infusing time. For a faster reward, try the basic syrup, which requires pits, sugar and water.

How to Cook with Stone Fruit Pits (Yup, Keep Them Away from the Trash Bin) [Bon Appetit]


    Just don't go overboard with the pits. Traitorous priests were once poisoned with apricot and peach kernels - they make cyanide.

    A few pits in a bottle of vinegar is okay, but I'm not sure about the bottle crammed with 9 pounds of cherry pits, your cherry glazed roast could almost kill you. Here's the math:

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