Use Accented Characters To Make Your iOS Password Stronger

We've talked before about using a longer passcode on your iPhone instead of a four-digit pin, but as tech blog Digital Inspiration points out, adding in accented characters adds an extra level of security.

The idea is that most people aren't going to bother dealing with accented characters (if you hold down on a letter the available accented characters show up) when they're trying to guess your password. To use these, you first have to turn on the alphanumeric passcode. Just head into Settings > General > Passcode Lock and turn off Simple Passcode. You'll be asked to enter in a new password, so throw in a few accented characters. It might make it a bit of a pain to enter in your passcode, but it will be more secure.

Create an Un-guessable Passcode for your iOS Devices [Digital Inspiration]


    Until you change keyboards in settings, your phone locks and you don't have access to the accent key you need...... Hello restore.

    Last edited 25/01/13 7:34 am

      You don't need a special keyboard - you press and hold on a character to get a selection of variants.

      You didn't really think before writing that did you

        Didn't really need to. Talking from personal experience.

      Except that if you use different keyboards for example a Spanish keyboard, you have an access to different accented characters. Check it, it's true!!

    This advice seems predicated on the idea that the person who stole your iPhone is going to sit there tapping away password guesses for hours or days until they get in, instead of hard resetting the device in 2 minutes with an external connection. Strong passwords don't matter in situations like that - you might as well install a fingerprint scanner on your normal glass windows 'to stop thieves breaking in'.

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