Use A Plastic Cup As A Sparkler Shield For Kids

Use A Plastic Cup As A Sparkler Shield For Kids

Sparklers commonly pop up at parties and BBQs when dusk comes around, but kids can easily burn themselves on them. Do the young ‘uns a favour and make a sparkler shield using a disposable plastic cup.

Crafting weblog I Love 2 Dream, Do You? shares a tip on how to protect little hands when playing with sparklers. I remember being an unsupervised kid of six years old with access to sparklers and lighting four of five at once and trying to use them like a lightsabre. I burned my hand pretty badly from the intense heat and sparks created by the burning magnesium of the sparklers. Using this tip could have saved me a lot of pain.

Sparkler Shield [I Love 2 Dream Do You?]


  • If the heat is enough to cause burns, couldn’t it be hot enough to melt the thin plastic and you end up with molten plastic stuck to your skin which would be much worse (from someone who has had molten cheese pour out of a jaffle only my hand where it solidifies and continues to burn like napalm, very unpleasant to say the least).

    • +1

      Completely stupid idea – the sparks don’t burn, but the glowing tip does… How can you tell if your kid is not partially holding onto the flamable end if it’s covered with a plastic cup?

      First it will burn through the cup, and then your child’s fingers.


  • I’ve been using sparklers at parties for 30 years – never once burned myself or saw anyone else get burned. Are kids these days too stupid to realise that white hot crackling thing shooting off sparks is not the part of the sparkler you touch?!?!?

    • Exactly! Let the kids get “burned”. Life is like that. Even during the fun and exciting times there’s an element of danger. If you start making protective gloves for a tiny scratch you may as well just ban sparklers, and slippery-dips, and running in the playground and … childhood.

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