Ultimate Etiquette Guide Shows You Customs In 29 Countries

Etiquette is tricky business since it varies so widely around the world. To get a quick overview of what to do in various countries, hotel chain Swissôtel has put together an etiquette map to help you avoid doing something terribly wrong when travelling.

The map provides basic etiquette rules for 29 different countries. It covers an overview of the basic customs on tipping, gestures, dining, and common do's and don'ts. It doesn't go deep into the customs, but it does provide a quick guide to make sure you don't embarrass yourself by accidentally giving an OK sign in Brazil (where it's an insult) or show the bottom of your feet in Russia (where it's considered rude).

The Ultimate Guide to Worldwide Etiquette [Swissôtel]


    I wonder how accurate it is, considering that it considers "Thumgs up" [sic] as an obscene gesture in Australia.

      If someone stuck their Thumgs up at me I'd be offended too. Damn Thumgs!

    And "Common to bring your own beer to restaurants"? Usually it's only BYO wine, not beer.

      I've seen it a lot, but its a liquor license thing, not an etiquette thing.

    Riddled with spelling errors. Sloppily put together piece of advice. Not always correct ie.thumb up in oz is rude. Why has this been posted on life hacker? Anyone proof read the content before published?

      Thorin's contributions to lifehacker are quantity over quality. *points at author*

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