Turn Any Browser Window Into A Quick-Edit Notepad

Notepads can be overkill when you just want to jot down a note that doesn't need to be saved. Software developer Jose Jesus Perez Aguinaga shares a simple way to do it in any browser.

All you need to do is type the following code into the browser's URL bar:

data:text/html, <html contenteditable>

Hit Enter, and start typing away directly in your browser window. The reason this works is that it uses the Data URI scheme to make a simple HTML page with the element "contenteditable". If you decide you want to save it, you can do so in your browser and it will save as an HTML file.

Otherwise, it's a fantastic little place to dump ideas that pop into your head that you don't need saved in an actual notepad. Of course, you don't have to remember the little line of code, you can enter it into your text expander for easy access, or just make it a bookmark.

Head over to Aguinaga's site below and dig through the comments for more modifiers.

One line browser notepad [coderwall via ReadWrite]


    Doesn't work for me, I get a "This webpage cannot be displayed" error, with the most likely cause "Some content or files on this webpage require a program that you don't have installed.". IE9 (work)

    Works in Chrome. It's only a pity that the text isn't retained when you close and reopen the browser (set to open with last tabs) as that would have been a very hand to do list

    I'd like to meet the person whose activities are so optimised that switching to a Notepad window is "overkill". Actually, no I wouldn't, they'd probably decide an actual conversation was "suboptimal".

    Nifty tech trick, but requires more keystrokes/clicks than switching to Notepad.

    Works in FF too, I just turned it into a bookmark and no more messing around with notepad.

    Win+R, notepad, enter.
    Much quicker.

    In my case I actually have Ctrl+Alt+N open up Notepad++ for me (via AutoHotkey) which is again less button presses and means my browser window isn't suddenly text instead of whatever prompted my thoughts.

      How is "Win+R, notepad, enter, much quicker." You have to type 'notepad' into the run bar don't you..? I have True Launch bar, so generally it's hover over menu, click notepad button and it's open for me. I like the bookmark idea because you can leave it open whilst browsing and it shuts down with the browser when you're finished.

        If you're typing
        data:text/html, enter = 39 keys
        notepad win r enter = 10 keys (so almost a 75% saving)
        That's not counting what's required to get the cursor into the url bar.

          Yes but as I mentioned above, I have "data:text/html, " as a bookmark, hence 1 click. My normal notepad is accessible with a hover and a click via "True Launch Bar". The same can be achieved with any launch bar app. Far quicker than using the Run command. Why would you type it, given the other methods.?

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