The Right-Justified Android Home Screen

Lifehacker reader WharlsScreenName has a very minimal setup with two handy launchers for all the most important apps, justified to the right of the screen. Here's what you need to recreate it.

WharlsScreenName is using:

  • ROM: AOKP (PUB build) for the circle-cog battery meter, resized and recoloured nav bar.
  • Launcher: Nova Launcher (Apex would work too)
  • Date Widget: Minimalistic Text
  • Dock Letter Icons: Simple Text
  • Circle Launcher for the apps, resized to a small dot. On the left is another Circle Launcher with important contacts inside.
  • This wallpaper. This look works pretty well with any wallpaper that has darker shades to the top and bottom, but this winter one fits especially well — the stars and Circle Launcher dots blend nicely.

The screen to the right has informational widgets, while the screen to the left has a more standard icons and folders view.


    wallpaper link

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