The Command-Centre-In-A-Closet Workspace

Lifehacker reader briancrocker has set up all of his gear in a closet, complete with hefty ventilation, cabling and sound equipment running through the walls. The results? An impressive "man cave" for both himself and his wife.

In the closet he has:

an entireprise IP Appliance Check Point firewall in there, duel 100mbit and 3mbit internets, all the current gen consoles, an ESX box, my gaming rig, and my wife's PC

The coolest thing about his setup, he says is the sound:

Every single device I have the outputs sound in the closet, Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360, Zbox HTPC, Uverse, all feed into the HDMI or spdif 4x2 matrix's, the HDMI matrix has spdif out as well. The spdif matrix feeds into the Onkyo receiver AND my Astro A50 spdif receiver/transmitter. This means that for any device that's transmitting sound it outputs to both the surround sound speaker system and my Astro A50 headset. All devices are programmed to the Harmony 1100 remote, 12 total programs, 6 for Surround+Astro and 6 for just the Astro. This makes it incredibly convenient to hit a single button and have all the devices switch video/sound inputs and for guests/future baby in the next room to enjoy silence when I have the headset on.


    I'm more interested in the closet setup. Is there any more information or diagrams on this?

      The closet is definitely where the magic happens. We all know how to set up work/gaming stations. It's the back-end setup that I know I could use more help with.

    This is one of the better workspaces in a small area that I've seen. Awesome effort, Brian.

    need to see more! a closer look inside the closet would be great.

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