That $9.95 KFC Nine-Piece Deal Serves At Least Four People

That $9.95 KFC Nine-Piece Deal Serves At Least Four People

OK, that should be obvious. But just in case anyone is already salivating over KFC’s current Tuesday-only offer of nine pieces of original recipe chicken for $9.95, let us remind you: those nine pieces amount to more than 8000kJ. Eat all that and you’re on a one-way trip to Lardsville (with a likely stopover at Vomit Junction).

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KFC’s nutrition guides suggest that two pieces of chicken run to around 1785kJ. Taking the oft-quoted figure that a typically daily intake for an adult should be no more than 9000kJ, that strongly suggests that you should have no more than two pieces, accompanying your meal with some vegetables and other, healthier options.

As such, the $9.95 deal is a cheap basis for a family meal or a bargain lunch for you and three mates from work. But it’s not a wise move for one or two people.

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    • Hmm, come to think of it, yer right..! That was the hot and spicy, but I’m talking about the 80’s and whilst it might not have been crunchy as such, it was at least a pleasure to eat, compared to the oily squidge it is now.

      • Man, I so miss Tasty Crispy! That was delicious!
        But I haven’t seen it since 1991!
        KFC use to rotate Hot and Spicy’ and ‘Tasty Crispy’. Then Tasty Crispy vanished.
        I wish for Tasty Crispy every time I have KFC 🙁

  • KFC aint that bad,I was once a struggling student who worked part-time there and literally lived of the stuff for 2 or 3 years.Stay away from the lollie-water and chips and you’ll be fine, that was properly the thinnest period of my life.

  • To the extent that this article is aimed at society on aggregate, and society on aggregate are a bunch of weak, atrophied, cretins, whose idea of physical activity is moving a computer mouse, I suppose this article is accurate.

    For those of us who are strong of mind and body, who require more calories than the aggregate recommendation for sedentary individuals, GO FORTH AND GORGE!

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