TeuxDeux To-Do App For iPhone Free For a Limited Time

iOS: The iPhone has a ton of great to-do apps, most of which will cost you a few bucks. One of its best, TeuxDeux, is available for free right now.

TeuxDeux isn't our favourite to-do app (that honour goes to Orchestra, with Wunderlist in second place), but it's a great option if the other to-do apps are just too complicated for you. TeuxDeux is simplicity and minimalism at its finest, letting you add tasks, check them off, and not worry about anything else — though there is a handy "Someday" folder for items that aren't too urgent.

If you're still on the hunt for the perfect to-do app, the regularly $2.99 TeuxDeux is worth grabbing while it's free.

TeuxDeux [iTunes App Store via App Shopper]


    Really? is this a sponsored article? There are plenty of FREE todo apps. Any.do & Astrid spring to mind along with the two you mentioned. Do some bloody research.

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