Swype Adds Crowd-Sourced Dictionaries For Better Word Prediction

Swype Adds Crowd-Sourced Dictionaries For Better Word Prediction

Android: Swype, one of your favourite Android keyboards has faced heavy competition from rival enhanced keyboards. This week the Swype team announced that the latest version of Swype no longer requires you sign up and register in order to download it. As well, Swype incorporates a new “living language” feature that rolls in crowd-sourced dictionaries, so words like “hashtag” and “Instagram” are already in your dictionary without you having to add them.

The new “living language” feature automatically updates your dictionary periodically with popular words added by other users. In addition to crowdsourced dictionaries, the update also improves the “hotwords” feature, which automatically adds words to your dictionary imported from newspapers, magazines and other popular media outlets.

Finally, the new Swype beta includes voice and text support for several new languages and improved cloud support for personal and custom dictionaries. This means it’s easier for you to add your own custom words, then have those words backed up so you can get them on other Android devices running Swype. You can grab the latest version at the link below — no registration required.

Swype [via Android Police]


  • Two beta versions ago, Swype was great. Last beta version, it got really really bad (words just came out all wrong most of the time, and why in the world is “Mmhg” a word in my dictionary that comes up more frequently than the desired “me”? but, I digress…). This beta version… WOW! It’s super fast, super accurate, and the dictionary updates (from my own words to crowd sourced words) is amazing!

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