Stream Photos Live And Online From Any Camera

You've probably heard of the Eye-Fi SD card that enables wireless photo sync between your camera and computer. However, with a few extra lines of code you can actually stream all your photos live to the internet for anyone to see.

This setup takes the Eye-Fi one step further. Instead of just syncing it to a folder on your computer, it syncs it to a web server so you can automatically post your photos online. It's cool if you want to keep your new photos shared with friends and family, liveblog an event, or even use an old camera as a sort of security system for your house. It takes a little bit of code, but the Instructable will walk you through every step of the process, so hit the link to see the full how-to (and check out the video above to see it in action).

Online Live Photo Streaming From Any SD Card Enabled Camera [Instructables]


    The headline is misleading - it should read "any DIGITAL camera" as this solution won't work for my camera that uses film.

      not sure if serious......

      Do you know any device that converts a film camera into a digital signal?

        I was serious, the headline got me to the article but the headline was misleading. There was a product way back that installed sensors where the film would go in an SLR camera - Silicon Film ( which never made it to market. i also have old point and shoot film cameras lying around that I thought it would be cool be able to re-purpose in a similar fashion by hacking a sensor into it, but this article was nothing like that.

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