Stow For iOS Makes Sure You Pack The Right Stuff For Your Trips

iOS: Making sure you take everything you need with you on holidays or on a business trip starts with a decent packing list. Stow is an iPhone app that uses some basic information about you and the type of trip you're planning to build you the perfect list.

The app asks you such things as whether you wear glasses or contacts and what essential items you never leave home without — things like medication or specific gadgets. From there, you can select the type of trip you're taking and the app will bring up a template, add your necessary items and give you a checklist to mark off while you pack. The app even gives you the option to pack for specific types of weather you might run into on your trip.

The templates are what really makes Stow worthwhile, but if you prefer your packing lists free and on the web, previously mentioned Universal Packing List is still alive and kicking.

Stow ($1.99) [iTunes App Store via The Next Web]


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