Speed Up Your IKEA Visits By Going In Through The Cash Registers

Speed Up Your IKEA Visits By Going In Through The Cash Registers

IKEA is a great place to snag cheap furniture and household goods, but the stores are designed to keep you browsing for hours. If you follow the path laid out for you, you can lose a whole day inside. If you need to get in and out quickly, just go in through the cash registers instead. Here’s why it’s brilliant.

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Every IKEA is designed with psychology in mind. You enter and you’re dropped in the showroom, where you’re expected to browse mocked-up rooms, sit on couches and check out kitchens, picking up random items before you even hit the marketplace.

Going in through the registers saves time and makes it less likely you’ll buy random extra items. You can go online to research where the goods you want are located in self-serve, or use the in-store computers. It won’t work as a strategy if you’re just looking for ideas, but for dedicated shopping missions it saves a lot of time.

4 Tips for Getting In & Out of IKEA Faster]


  • The other trick at Rhodes (Sydney) is to go up the escalator at the main entrance – head left to the cafeteria and then down the stairs on the right. That way you skip all the showroom stuff and head straight to all the products themselves. If you need to grab something from the warehouse then you can either cut through once downstairs (staff use doorways between sections to traverse the store quickly) or use the entry through the registers trick.

    • If it happened enough Ikea might be forced to respect customers a little more, i prefer to go elsewhere even if i have to pay a little more so i don’t have to navigate their labyrinth.

  • I avoid the place like the plague. Sure the stuff is well-priced but there are other places just as good. If I wanted to be herded, I would hire a shepherd. Sure, try to influence me to visit other parts of the store but if I know what I want and where it is, just let me get there dammit!

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