Sharehouse Game: Gamification So Your Housemates Do Their Chores

Allocating chores in a share house is never easy, and ensuring people actually perform those tasks is even harder. Sharehouse Game uses gamification techniques to simplify that problem, allowing housemates to earn points for tasks they perform and providing a schedule of reminders.

Setting up a house and then inviting other housemates to register is an easy task. You can then add both standing and scheduled tasks and choose how many points are allocated to them. The interface is a little spartan, but gets the job done.

The service is free to use, requires registration. (You can optionally sign in using Facebook, but that isn't a requirement.) For another approach (more focused on rent payment and bills) check out Splitwise

Sharehouse Game


    I want to use something like this at work to motivate my minions. Adding some kind of reward system to it. Anyone seen anything with rpg elements?

      I think you're looking for this:

    Thanks! Spot on with what I was thinking.

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