Save Hundreds On Airfares By Pairing Two Unconnected Tickets

Sometimes, buying two plane tickets is cheaper than buying one. Although it's less convenient, building your own itinerary by buying a ticket to one city and then flying to your destination could save you a whole lot of dough.

The Wall Street Journal outlines this strategy as well as example savings. The reason fares are cheaper with this two-ticket strategy is often because deals are only available from certain cities (usually international gateway airports):

The tactic can work best in summer when discount airfares are harder to find. For a June 11 to 18, the lowest round-trip airfare from Atlanta to Berlin was priced on Friday at $US1,541. The New York to Berlin fare was $US680. With discount competition between New York and Atlanta, the lowest round-trip are to JFK was $US258. That is a savings of 39%, or $US2,400 for a family of four.

As mentioned, the huge savings do come with a cost: you will have to claim and recheck bags, go through security again, and make sure you have enough time to make your connection. It's something to consider when you're planning for your next trip.

A Trick for Cheaper Flights Hiding in Plain Sight [Wall Street Journal]


    Years ago I read it was cheaper to fly from Sydney to Auckland to some US destination rather than fly direct from Sydney.
    Not sure if it's still the case.

    As a young family of four we do this a lot and it's the only way we can afford a yearly overseas holiday. The first time we did it we didn't think things through very well and ended up running madly to baggage claim with two screaming toddlers and only 20 minutes to catch our next flight. Now we schedule our flights two days apart, which allows us to spend a bit of time exploring the stopover city (providing more bang for our travelling buck) while also ensuring we don't have to worry about missing our final flight to our destination. Yes, you have to outlay pay for accommodation in the stopover city but it's still much, much cheaper than a direct flight. We also find it so much easier to take two shorter flights rather than one long flight when travelling with fidgety little ones.

    I've done this myself. Stopping in Singapore or Malaysia on my way to Europe. BUT it can be risky as YOU are responsible missed flights due to delays etc. Also forget about travel insurance, most of them specifically exclude this eventuality.

    Hmm, we're flying to LA in September, I might check this out.

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