Replace Laptop Bumpers With Sugru

Replace Laptop Bumpers With Sugru
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Rubber or plastic bumpers in the four corners of laptop bottoms stabilise the computer and also help to keep the laptop cool by adding additional airflow. After a year or two many of these bumpers are lost and it can be difficult to find the specific size for your laptop. Consider using Sugru to make replacement buttons.

Andy on the official Sugru weblog details how well this solution worked for his MacBook Pro. He fashioned his replacement bumpers to hold the laptop a bit higher than normal for even more airflow.

Keep a MacBook cool with bumpers underneath [Sugru]


  • Here’s a tip… Mask off the area with tape and scour it with steel wool or sand paper first. Also, if you can find a non threaded cap off of something, rub oil around the inside lightly and push it on top of the Sugru until it touches the bottom, then remove it. You should have a nice round pad that you can trim when the Sugru has dried.

    • Why? I use it quite regularly. Admittedly you need to order it in from Britain, but still usefull. Then a gain you can always make your own Oogoo, but I find Sugru to be an easier way to go.

      • Why? Because it’s “A-U-S-T-R-A-L-I-A-N S-T-O-R-I-E-S”.
        There’s a global feed for generic tips which, funnily enough, also has most of the completely non-Australia-specific (and often barely Australia relevant at all) articles.
        At the very least, if they had a real Australian article feed with none of the syndicated articles I, and others of my mind, would have no reason to grumble.

        • I don’t see why the sugru does not belong in Australia, you can buy it from little bird electronics in Sydney.

          Though I would just buy 3M rubber feet, sugru’s shelf life is horrible and looks fugly like pictured…(unless you mold it, which is too much effort …)

        • This article comes round every few months or so and the arguments about it do to. Giz is a tech site but that doesn’t mean it has to be technical or Australian.

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