Reminder: Time Is Running Out For A Cheap Windows 8 Upgrade

The upgrade pricing for Windows 8 Pro surprised many given both that it's relatively cheap, and for whatever reason, you can only buy the upgrade version. But time is running out to actually score a cheaper copy of Windows 8 Pro.

Buy an upgrade version today, and Microsoft will charge you $39.99 for the privilege. That's set to rise substantially at the end of the month. In a press release this week touting the success of the Windows 8 platform, Microsoft noted that buyers need to

Visit the Microsoft Store before 31 January to take advantage of the current Windows 8 Pro upgrade launch promotion, which offers a discount of up to 90% off the recommended retail price that commences on 1 February.

Windows 8 has been quite divisive, with some loving the live tiles approach, while others won't even touch it without returning the classic Start menu, but wherever you sit, if you're keen, it'd be sensible to think about purchasing in the next week unless you suddenly hate money for some reason.


    Can I assume that this offer is valid for the basic Windows 8 vanilla..?
    I wouldn't mind upgrading to Pro for my new tablet. Also what's the url for the Australian site.?

      No the upgrade is for Pro.....go go go

      OK I downloaded the starter file, which is only about five meg or so but what I'd like to know is how does this work for future re-installs? -

      Never mind I found a tutorial that explains all..

      Last edited 24/01/13 10:24 am

    There's no harm in buying a licence even if it's not used or concerns exist about the potential flaws. Microsoft are reasonably lenient about refunds even beyond the T&C stated 1 month.

    I "upgraded" my HTPC to Win8Pro from Win7Ult and ran into so many problems that it had to be reverted after 2 months. Refund to my credit card a few days later with no grumbles on their part.

    Now running Rainmeter on top of Win7. Looks just like Win8 but actually works. Win-Win all round.

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