Reminder: Spend Time On Your App Description

Developers spend countless hours on refining the actual code for their mobile phone apps. But there's an equally important aspect that is often given far less time: the description of your app in the relevant marketplace or app store.

Windows Phone developer advocate JC Cimetiere makes that point in a recent blog post looking at key phone app design principles. Many of them are specific to Windows Phone development (and very useful if you are developing for that platform), but the point about app descriptions applies more broadly:

Consider how you populate your store entry. This is often the first experience a potential customer has with your app. Your app’s name and icon should be clear and memorable, its descriptions simple and effective. The screenshots you choose should demo key content and functionality that users want or need. Don’t let a great app fall to the wayside due to lacklustre marketing.

I often dismiss apps purely based on spelling errors in the description (see the picture for one simple example). The space is competitive, and the app description is often what stands between someone installing or looking elsewhere. Give it the time it deserves.

8 Tips for Designing Windows Phone Apps [Windows Phone Developer Blog]


    From what I've seen the most important thing is to mention how beautiful the user interface is.

      And to make sure it's iphone 5 optimised!

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