Read $50 Worth Of Digital Magazines From Zinio For Free

Read $50 Worth Of Digital Magazines From Zinio For Free

Digital newstand Zinio is offering users a $US50 credit, enough to get you 18 single issues or six mini-subscriptions for popular and niche magazines. The coupon code can only be used until January 31, but you can make your subscription choices up to three months from now.

To get the credit, head to the Zinio offer page and enter your name and email address to receive the unique code. Then you’ll be taken to a page where you can make your selections, which include titles like .net, Automobile, Computer Arts, Digital Camera World, Kiplingers and Food Network Magazine.

You’ll need to register for an account to get your magazines, and you get a bonus magazine for doing so. Dealnews notes that this is for new accounts (but you can register a new one if you’re an existing subscriber).

Stuff Your Stocking [Zinio via Dealnews]


  • From the site:

    “Vouchers cannot be used on or within the zinio app.”

    Well, that sucks. Can’t use it in the app? Why the hell not? That’s the only place I’d WANT to use it so I can read magazines on my tablet.

    It would also be useful to know what magazines you get before you sign up.

    • By that it just means you can’t actually buy them from the site or the app, you have to choose them from the page you get linked to when you sign up. They’ll still appear in the app.

      There’s a pretty large selection of magazines, and you can come back for a few months and pick new ones. Just be sure to get the code sent emailed to you so you don’t lose both the code and the link.

      Just be aware that although it says the magazines will be delivered in a few days, it took 2 weeks for the first ones I chose to arrive.

  • While trying to sign up:
    ‘Click “Login with Facebook” above to participate in this campaign.’

    If this had been mentioned in the Lifehacker article, I wouldn’t have even clicked through.

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