Move Your Router's Reset Button To An Easily Accessible Spot

Your router's reset button is hard to reach for a reason — you don't want to press it accidentally. If you want to access it more easily, DIY enthusiast Noah Farrington shows us a very easy way to put the button on the top of your router.

Noah needed this for turning his old router into a range-boosting repeater, but you could probably adapt this to any other button on your router — even one that turns it off and back on again without resetting its settings. All you need is a couple of wires and a bit of soldering knowledge — it's actually a great beginner DIY project. Hit the link to read more.

Save Those Paperclips! [[NoahFarrington]'s Intensely Interesting Blog! via Hack a Day]


    I had a Linksys router which ran hot. I was amused to read that someone else put a HSF on their Linksys chip and had to cut a hole in the plastic case. It made it look badass.

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