Mild Surprise Tracks Price Changes At JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman And Officeworks

Mild Surprise Tracks Price Changes At JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman And Officeworks

Bargain sites are useful for highlighting specials, but don’t readily identify the pricing history for a given item. Shopping tracker site Mild Surprise runs twice-daily price checks on items for sale online at JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman and Officeworks, and highlights goods that have seen the biggest price changes.

That in itself makes for interesting shopping fodder, but what makes Mild Surprise really useful is the ability to create a watchlist of individual items and set a price threshold. (That requires registering for a free account.) You can also search for products to check out their pricing history.

The interface and design is very basic right now, but this could potentially be a very handy resource for bargain hunters. The site developers say they are working on adding additional retailers.

Mild Surprise


  • Kind of an awkward layout though, when you search, instead of running the prices out side by side you have to scroll down to the three different store entries individually. Hopefully they’ll fix that because I really like the idea, could save a lot of leg work.

    • Hi – I’m one of the coworkers on the site. Definitely an ongoing project but I’ll have a look at adding your suggestions now – the search feature is very experimental and was thrown together very quickly for the people ‘demanding’ it!

  • Are HN gaming the results, two highest discounts are gift cards which seems implausible, and indeed is just $5 for $5 and at some point must have been $20 for $20?

    • Looks like harvey norman changed the minimum price for a gift card from $20 -> $5 which the crawler has read as a price change. That page is slightly different from others in that you need to select what you want as a gift card, so I think it has just slipped through as a normal page

    • Ah, the $5 gift cards were sold out due to the Harvey Norman $5 discount code on their site a week or two ago. As they were option based ($5,$20,$50) the Harvey Norman site defaulted up to the next available. Looks like they got $5 cards back in stock so it shows up as the default price.

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