Make Soap In A Slow Cooker

Make Soap In A Slow Cooker

If you have a spare slow cooker and immersion blender, you have just about everything you need to make your own soap. The simple project takes just an hour, and you can customise your bar of soap with any essential oils or fragrances if you so desire.

The One Good Thing by Jillee blog offers a photo tutorial of the process. Besides water, the only ingredients you need are olive oil, coconut oil and sodium hydroxide from the hardware store.

You will need to take special care when handling the sodium hydroxide; work in a well-ventilated area, and wear gloves and glasses. (You don’t want to reproduce any Fight Club-like scenes.) Also, it’s best not to do this with a slow cooker or blender that you’re going to cook with afterwards; you can find inexpensive slow cookers at discount stores or online auctions.

Once you’ve gathered all your materials, you just need to weigh the ingredients, toss them in the slow cooker, and an hour later you have wonderful bars of soap.

How to Make Homemade Soap in a Crockpot [A Photo Tutorial] [One Good Thing by Jillee]


  • The website at the link has a problem loading the photos, might be too big or something. My iPad couldn’t load it and needed to use a real PC and even then there was a slow bulky feel to it.

    Only dirty people need make their own soap.

    Also you’d have to do this as a hobby or to sell at a hobby market due to the bowls used that you won’t be eating from makes this not a once only experiment.

    • “Only dirty people need make their own soap.” – what the hell?? One of the more ridiculous comments I have read on her. The article also clearly states not to use a slow cooker or blender that you also use for food preparation.

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