Make Better Scrambled Eggs With A Bain Marie

Everyone has their own technique for making scrambled eggs. However, if you've never tried the low-and-slow method of cooking eggs with a bain marie (also known as a double boiler), you may be in for a treat. This technique promises to result in foolproof, softer and fluffier scrambled eggs.

Chef Cathal Kavanagh, an executive chef at Carton House, demonstrates this method in the video above. Start with a pot of boiling water and melt some butter in the top bowl (you could also use a pan held over the pot). Whisk up your eggs and then slide them into the bowl, gently stirring them in the bowl.

Kavanagh says this technique, while it take a little longer, protects the eggs and keeps them from getting dried out or rubbery.

Gordon Ramsay has a different technique, but he claims that cooking a scrambled egg perfectly is the mark of a truly good cook. So whichever method you use, making perfect scrambled eggs might be a good skill to learn.

How to Cook Scrambled Eggs [YouTube]


    This is how I do scrambled eggs - they are absolutely delicious cooked this way.

    I use this method to do gravy when making a roast. Comes out nice and thick and tastes awesome.

    Its also the easiest way to clean up the dishes too, don't even need to touch the pot.

    I still use the microwave, quick easy, 1 dish(Pyrex) & a microwave. Way more fluffy than his too...

      Microwave - ruins the food by nuking it. May be hot and fluffy but holds no nutrition!

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